Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Best Husband & Baba Ever!

Our very last night in Disney World, there was a little storm.  Well, that could be an understatement...if you glance at the picture above.  It didn't really affect the girls in the family because we were in our room after a long day of spending time eating around the world at Epcot.  But, there was one thing that we did not get to enjoy...the funnel cake from the American Pavilion.  Now, how could we eat around the world and not have something from America!  So, this wonderful, amazing, terrific man took on the storm and raging rain as it attacked him while he walked outside to the Boardwalk to bring back a yummy treat for us all!  Look at that smile on his face!  Not even a complaint from this man... he is always serving whether it be at church, with his friends, or with his family!  We adore you Baba!

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