Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Favorite Park

 Our favorite park is Epcot, which is why our favorite place to stay is The Boardwalk.  We love that we can walk to Epcot in five minutes or Hollywood Studios in about 15 minutes.  We enjoy the freedom of staying here...not having to rely on waiting on the bus all of the time, the leisure of riding the Monorail over to the Magic Kingdom, and the laid back environment of Epcot.  So, we make sure to spend lots of time here on each trip.  I forgot to mention that the food at this park is by far superior to all of the other parks, as well.
 We loved spending time together when we would wait in lines.  It turned out to be such magical moments of talking, laughing, and being silly together.  It actually provided some rest time too which we seem to need more of this time around.
 Lily also just enjoyed people watching and hanging out at Epcot.  We do so love this park!

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