Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Birthday, Princess Lily! (May 17th)

Our beautiful, amazing daughter is five years old!  I cannot believe that this time has passed by so quickly.  It just seems like yesterday that she was learning how to talk saying, "Tinta Bow!  Tinta Bow!" at Disney World when she found her love for all things TinkerBell. Click here. I also remember when she learned how to read her first can see it in the archives on January 7, 2010.
    Here is our beautiful girl now...She has a major fascination with all things artsy....she loves the idea of tattoos(drawn with washable markers, of course).... she is still in love with Disney Everything... she is very loving and loyal to her friends...she has a new love of Strawberry Shortcake...she just discovered The Brady Bunch and she can happily name every member of their family...she loves God and Jesus with all of her heart...she says the best prayers I have ever heard that always have this line in them-"Help us be more like you Jesus every day!"...she likes to help (most of the time)...she thinks she is a big girl who can do everything all by herself...she still loves to cuddle and be held very often...she loves to run (like seriously loves it!)...she can hula hoop pretty well...she is still working on being able to whistle...she knows how to snap her fingers...she is the best shopper...she is careful with her money...she loves putting money in her Savings account.... she is at that stage where just the fact that she disappoints us breaks her heart...she can cry at the drop of a hat...she keeps saying she is too young to get married (since a little boy at school keeps telling her he wants to marry her!)...she is so kind...she is so happy...she is so full of energy...she is so talkative (even out in public now)...she is our everything!

   Happy Birthday Lily Grace!
 (Pictured below are her tattoos!)
Happy Birthday to the most precious, amazing gift that God ever gave us!  We love you more than all the chopsticks in China, Lily!

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