Sunday, April 15, 2012

God's Angels

On Friday morning, I was driving to school...the same way I have driven for 15 years.  About 8 minutes into our drive, Lily requested the song "God's Not Dead" by the Newsboys.  (One of her favorites.)  So, we were singing together while I was thankful it was Friday...excited about the weekend with my wonderful husband and my beautiful daughter.  I was full of praise for God just like normal when I listen to my music that praises Him with every note.  All of a sudden, my attention was focused ahead on a silver car right ahead of me getting ready to turn into the median lane to head into the direction of the interstate.  Every morning I see cars turning into that lane, speeding up then slowing to a complete stop before they cross in front of me or yield to the oncoming  Friday morning, I saw the silver car quickly turn into the lane...and in my mind, I thought, "Is that car going to stop?  Of course, I am right will stop."  But, the car didn't continued right out into the lanes right in front of me.

In that second or seconds that followed, I knew what I had to do...I had to stop.  I slammed on the brakes, quickly trying to decide which way to swerve to try to miss that car...and I hollered to Lily- "Hold on- I am going to hit this car."  I don't remember the actual hit (probably because I closed my eyes, I guess) or where my arms hit the steering wheel (but there are bruises to show that they did) or the moment my knees hit the dash in front of me (but I knew they were in pain about ten minutes later when the shock began to fade).  But, I do remember the sound...the sound of the metal hitting metal...the sound of Lily screaming and crying in the backseat...and the look on her face when my head spun around to make sure she was okay.  I remember my first question, "Are you okay, Lily?  Lily- are you okay?"  I remember the look on the young boy's face through the window- the one who pulled out in front of us...who didn't see us.

I remember....the physician who pulled to side of the road and timidly came to my car asking to help...looking at Lily for me and telling her she was okay which calmed her down.

I remember...the kind men who pulled off to the other side of the road asking if there was something that they could do seeing a woman and child in an accident.

I remember...the ambulance drivers who were there in an instant who comforted us...telling me there was nothing more I could have done....bringing out a warm blanket to wrap around my shoulders and Lily...allowing to sit in the back of the ambulance for fun...taking care of us while we waited on the police to show up.

I dear husband who showed up quickly to the accident and took care of everything with calmness and caring...with kind words to the family of the young boy who was on his way to work that morning.

I remember the kind policeman who talked to me with a caring voice...

I remember my friend, Malita...who stopped to take care of us...after seeing our car on her way to work...who stayed with me until the officer allowed us to leave the scene...who hugged me and talked to Lily...who displayed to my daughter the definition of a true friend...

Most of all,  I God- who never left our sides...who held us through the whole crash making sure we were not hurt in any way other than some scrapes and bruises for me...but not one scratch for Lily...

In the end, I am so blessed to still be alive blessed to be able to share God's love with others every day...and so blessed that my daughter now has more faith than she had on Thursday.  When someone asks Lily about the wreck...her response is that "God took care of us because He takes care of everything.  You know He is always with matter what."

I am so thankful that the three of us involved in that accident all walked away with another day to praise God.  I pray that I spend every day remembering all of those wonderful people that God sent our way that day to help us...all of His angels...protecting us on earth the way that He protects us every minute of every day.

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