Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cinderella & The Slipper

Lily wanted to retell a story, and she wanted me to write it down for her.  This is her story- exactly how she said it:

Cinderella  had sisters and a mama. Her Mama was mean. They ripped her dress.  She went to the garden.  She cried.  The fairy godmother came and made her a carriage and horses.  The fairy godmother gave Cinderella a beautiful dress.  She was ready to go to the ball.  She was dancing with the prince.  The clock ringed.  She runned down the stairs.  She lost her slipper.  The next morning they were looking whose slipper it was.  It was Cinderella’s!  Cinderella made her way down the stairs.  She tried on the slipper.  It fit!  She lived happily ever after.

    *** I love listening to her stories!

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