Monday, January 16, 2012

What Lily says...

Oh, my hair is such a disaster today! (Because of all of the static.)

What kind of lotion is that- Coconut Lima Bean! (for Coconut Lime Verbena)

Boys don't wear skirts, they wear "quilts." (Of course, she meant kilts.)

Mama, I will be right there as soon as I get my things "situated".

How could that be? (About anything and everything!)

Okay- when you read the Bible tonight, exactly how many parts are you going to read?

Dear Father God, Thank you for this Wwwwoooonnnnderful day and for this Wwwoooooonnnderful meal. Help it make us have healthy bodies. We love you. In Jesus name, Amen. (Her Baba loves to say the word wonderful!)

Mama- You say Googly Bear to Baba, and then he will call you Smoopsie Poo, okay? (Then, after we do what we are told, she says---Now kiss because you love eachother!)

How old are you Mama? How old are you Baba? Are you sure you aren't 87?
How did I get so smart? Oh, that's right- God did it.

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