Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Toys!

I had to start with her favorite present first. This was the last thing she opened, but she absolutely loves this tent! She asked for a tent for Christmas, but we had no idea we had ordered one this BIG! We can all fit in here! So, this was one of her presents from us...

First, she opened her stocking which also had 3 presents in it- because you know about our 3 presents tradition since that is how many gifts that Jesus was given.
She got her first jump rope which has been a hoot to watch, along with some Disney Princess figures, and Russell Stover candy which is a tradition started with Nana Claire years and years ago.
Then, she opened up her Lotso Huggin' Bear from Toy Story 3. She LOVES Lotso! I love him, too. He smells like strawberries (which is Lily's favorite food) and he is hot pink (which is her favorite color)- so clearly- she LOVES him. If you have seen the movie, you will understand Lily's comment to us last night before bed, "I am so glad that MY Lotso is so sweet! He is not like the one in the movie!" Lotso was present #2 from us.
Now, she is opening present #3- a LeapFrog Leapster. Wow! This has definitely been a great buy. It is a wonderful gift for her. She is already enjoying playing the Kai-lan game we got her, along with the free ones we got with it.
Then, Suzette came over, and Lily got to open up her presents from her. She got her some more magnet dolls, a Princess cash register which is also awesome, and...
Lily FINALLY got her BIG Nemo that she asked for over the summer. She has had to wait on him for a long time, and he was worth the wait.
She also got something else she has been asking for- her Magic Kingdom Castle Set.
We have had hours of fun with this castle. Lily has had a Royal Ball with all of the characters, and we have had the best time listening to Lily play with all of her new toys. I think we are as excited about Christmas presents as she is! It is so much fun to have new things to play with!
Tomorrow, I will post family pictures from Christmas Eve with Jamie's family. We are going to continue enjoying this beautiful, blessed snowy Christmas weekend!

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