Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas with "Ella & Teena"

Lily got to celebrate Christmas with her Aunts last night- Aunt Trina and Aunt Ruella. After dinner, she opened presents... Ruella got her this ladybug pillow pet.
Lily enjoys unwrapping her presents. Aunt Trina made sure to wrap her presents with Tinkerbell paper, which is still Lily's favorite character.
Below is a picture of the three of them...
Aunt Ruella (Ella)....Lily... Aunt Trina (Teena)
She LOVES her Aunts!
So, here she is with all of her presents. Trina gave her Mittens and Rhino from BOLT. Needless to say, we have a new bed-buddy--- Mittens, the black & white kitty.
This is a picture from our snow a few weeks ago. I kept forgetting to put it on here. This was a picture before we headed to Faith Promise for church. This was a day that Lily kept praying for snow all day- and every time she prayed, it snowed! She kept saying how awesome God was because He was really listening to her! I hope we have more snow tomorrow!
Merry Christmas everyone! I will post more pictures tomorrow afternoon sometime!

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