Friday, March 19, 2010

Lily's "Hoopa Loop"

We started a new Behavior Program on Monday evening for our independent, almost 3-year-old daughter. She gets so upset when we do her jobs around the house or when she wants to do something that she just cannot do. I have used the marble jar at school for ages, and we had bought smiley face marbles with a matching container years ago while waiting for Lily. We knew that someday we would use it as a reward system for her. I never imagined we would be using it this early. But, amazingly enough, she totally gets it and.... it works!
So, she has earned 40 marbles this week for , in Lily's own words, "being patient and being good." Since she earned all of her marbles, she got to go shopping today to pick "only one present." After 30 minutes and 10 trips down every toy aisle at Target, she finally saw something she had been asking for- a "hoopa loop!"
She is delighted to have her "hoopa loop"! The funniest part of the evening was when we were at Target searching for her one special reward present, I was showing her some Little People things. She informed me quickly, "No, Mama, we already have some of those at home. We don't need anymore." When we would suggest things to her, she would quickly respond, "No, Mama" or "No, Baba." At one point, she saw something she wanted as we passed it, she said, "Mama, push me back there. Back up, please. I want to see that." Then, after we looked over the bubble maker and discussed that it probably wouldn't last that long, she said, "That's okay. I will keep looking." I am just thankful we got out of there for less than $8.00.
Now, we are 4 marbles in once again... I am looking forward to see what her next present will be.

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