Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Heart-Shaped Boo Boo

Doesn't the bruise look just like a heart? Only Lily would have a heart-shaped bruise...
On Saturday night, while we were working out, Lily ran through the middle of us and the middle of her head came in contact with the back of Baba's weight. The sound was horrible as though two bowling balls had been thrown together. The tears that followed were unheard of in our house because Lily never cries when she gets hurt. Of course, she has never been hurt quite like this before. Over the next 20 minutes, that spot on her forehead swelled out to the size of a strawberry. Lily was so good at holding the ice on her head because it was Miss Kitty ice. Plus, she definitely wanted the swelling to go down. As soon as the tears stopped, she demanded to see what her face looked like. She remarked, "Why did Baba's weights hit me, Mama?"
But, no worries. Our workouts have continued, and Lily has learned a valuable lesson. She stays away from our weights during our workout time. She enjoys working out with us anyway, and I was so afraid that she would stop. But, she was right there with us tonight.
Lily also really wants her bruise to change to every color- especially pink and red. No matter how many times we try to explain that those are the 2 colors it definitely won't turn- she refuses to believe us. "It's already purple!" she said. At least now when we say not to jump on the couch because she might get another bruise- she actually listens!

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