Saturday, June 7, 2014

Lily's New Room...almost complete

 We have also been working on fixing up the guest bedroom for Lily.  So, she chose her paint colors- sassy violet and summer splash blue.  All three of us painted the room together which was a blast!
 Then, Lily and I painted an old gold mirror.  Lily wants her room to look sassy and shabby chic!  Yes, she is seven going on 37.
 She chose her comforter and pillows which she mixed and matched herself from the sale stuff at Pottery Barn.  I was impressed with her color choices.  We also did some bargain shopping on for a shabby chic side table, a pink tv table, and a folding shelf for her stuff.
We are still waiting on her new bed to arrive...but it will be here on Tuesday.  She chose the summer splash blue color to be her focus wall in her room.  She also has chosen some really cool peace and flower decals that we will be adding to her walls after very careful thought and deliberation.

Fixing up her "big girl" room has been so much fun!  Shopping with my little, big girl has been a dream for me.  She has such an eye for what she likes and what looks good together.  I will post more pictures when the room is complete with artwork, etc.  It may take a couple of weeks for it to come together to her liking- and honestly, I just love that about her!

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