Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cheer Clinic

Lily was in her very first Cheer Clinic this week at school.  She absolutely loves Cheering!  When she got home each day, we would have to be her students as she led us in the different group activities.  Jamie and I were even bases.  Don't you wish you were there to see that?!  At one point during our "class", she had us to make V's with our arms in the air.  She turned around, glanced at mine, and commented, "Mama- now that is good, but it needs to be a little wider."  Seriously Serious about this cheerleading business!   For those of you who know how shy Miss Lily can be at times- this was a HUGE deal.  She actually got out in front of lots of people to perform yesterday.  I was shocked and proud in the same moment!

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