Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Jesus!

As most of you know, Lily only gets 3 presents for Christmas...just like Jesus did from the Wise Men.  That has been our family tradition for years.  I would show you her other presents, but honestly, they pale in comparison to what her Aunt Suzette bought her this year.  The Disney Princess Castle is really all that matters, along with the Princess Carriage (which is over to the side that Aunt Trina bought for her), and of course, all of the many Disney Princesses and Fairies which were also presents, too.  This is the present that just keeps on giving.  She LOVES this castle!  So, we have continued our Disney-themed Christmas this year...which brings out many other questions from Lily like "How many days until we go back to Disney World?"  About 6 months to go....we can't wait!

Thank you, Father God, for another wonderful year with this amazing family you have blessed us with and for sending your son!  Happy Birthday Jesus!

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