Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Day at the Beach

Lily absolutely adored the beach. She loved everything about the sand, the water, and especially-- the seashells. She never complained one time about wanting to leave.

She even loved the ocean water, and she enjoyed splashing in the waves as they came upon the shore. But, most of all, she loved playing with her friends- Liana and Marah.

Marah loved collecting seashells, too, and she also loved jumping into the ocean over and over and over again. She was so much fun to watch. She also learned how to surf on a boogie board.

Liana was a big sister to both girls the whole week. She took care of them, and she made sure they were going where they were supposed to go. She gave up many turns on her board each day to let the girls play instead.

Last night, while we were watching HGTV, a family was discussing going on vacation to Hawaii. Lily immediately said that she wanted to go to that beach. Then, she said, "But would we be going on vacation all by ourselves to Hawaii?" We said, "Well probably." She said, "Oh, well, then never mind. I only want to go on vacation with Beth and David's family."

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