Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Remembering...and Catching Up

Sometimes it seems like yesterday that we were in China.... but Lily is 3 1/2 now! I just cannot believe how quickly time has flown by. I haven't posted in awhile because work is so busy this year for Jamie and me. Of course, having a 3-year-old makes my computer time absolutely pointless. Besides, I would much rather be playing with Lily!

Lily is doing great. She is growing and growing. She amazes me every day with the conversations that we have. She has a major obssession with cleaning now- but she is just like her OCD Mama. So, I can't really fuss too much about that. She is really into telling stories and making up her own songs. She has been making up songs for awhile, but these actually make sense. She loves to do school work of any kind- writing her letters, coloring, figuring out patterns. Her new favorite tv shows are Team Umizoomi and Wonder Pets. She is learning a lot about math and the world from these shows. I really like them, too. She enjoys shopping probably a little too much, and she loves going out to eat. Her favorite meal at the moment is steak, but she also loves anything that has to do with pasta.

Right now, she is extremely excited about Christmas since we put our tree up last weekend. She has 6 presents under the tree- 3 from Aunt Suzette and 3 from us. (Since Jesus only got 3 presents- she says.) I had no idea that she would remember every ornament and where they came from. I told her stories last year, but I had no idea she was paying that much attention. Getting the ornaments out, she would gasp and happily hug each one, telling me where they came from or who they belonged to before she gently hung them on the tree. I think Jamie and I were responsible for about 10 ornaments, but the tree has been redecorated a few times since the original hangings.

I will try to post some pictures this weekend, and I will try to get a little video for you to see.

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