Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Princess Parlor....Finally a Fairy Princess!

I have to start with this picture first simply because it reminds me of a Breakfast at Tiffany's shot. Plus, for those of you who remember the post from last year, we had no idea how this evening would go. Lily would barely participate the last time we went to The Princess Parlor. This time was different. She was very excited about dressing up like one of Tinkerbell's friends.
We went this time to celebrate Kenli's birthday.
Lily knew immediately which dress she wanted. Even though we had some difficulties, she was allowed to wear the dress in the end. After last year, I was so thankful that she was able to wear the one she wanted.
She is in the dressing room choosing her jewelry in this picture.
Now, she is really taking a good look at her fairy princess dress. She picked this out all by herself, and I just loved it. I wish I could find one to buy for her at home.
Next, they put her fingernail polish on, a little blush and eyeshadow, and some lipgloss.
She was ready for all of it! She looked beautiful with the make-up they put on her.
Of course, we had to get a picture with Lily and her Baba. There will be more of these...
I loved this picture of her with the flower, especially since she has changed her name to Lily Grace Flower. She has been telling that to family and friends lately.
Isn't this dress just beautiful! She was mesmerized by this flower.
Do you think she feels completely confident about how they are fixing her hair?
She listened and did what she was told when they began spraying her hair with hairspray.
I do believe that she likes what she sees.
I watched closely to see how they fixed her hair. I was amazed by what they could do with Lily's short hair. I hope I learned a few things.
She is really ready for her raspberry tea. She has been waiting so patiently for this tea. It was the one thing she remembered from last time that she loved.
Once again, she is wondering about this princess crown procedure...
Finally, everyone is ready for some tea. Can you see the look on her face? She is really ready for some tea. Kenli, the birthday girl, is in the middle. Kenli is so beautiful. Look at her gorgeous smile!
As soon as they sat the cup in front of her, Lily was drinking her tea. I am pretty sure she had many refills- as many as they would give her. She absolutely loves this tea!
She also enjoyed the plain vanilla cupcake.
I do love this shot of her drinking her tea through the glass window.
She certainly enjoyed her spot of tea and her scrumptious cupcake.
Now, it is time to dance. She is once again a little fearful of what is next.
Then, she remembers this is the part she loved last time. She loves to dance!
All of the girls danced together, while Kenli's Prince Charming, a.k.a. Baba, stood in the back watching. They had already had their dance together.

Then, Lily danced with her Prince Charming, too.
We had a wonderful evening! Thank you Kenli for inviting us to your birthday party!

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