Monday, October 19, 2009

Mama's Dollhouse

Over the years, I did not keep things from my childhood. The only actual things I have are items that my Mom kept for me. So, I have some Madame Alexander dolls and a few toys to pass on to Lily someday. But, I did keep my dollhouse because it was very special to me. So, I decided to pass it on to Lily. She seemed old enough to play with it, and she had been very interested in the one at PotteryBarn Kids.

So, we bought her some new furniture from PBK to put in her dollhouse. She also asked us to paint the walls like our walls. She also asked us to paint the outside. She had a hard time deciding on pink or purple, but she finally picked this shade of pink from a Sherwin Williams card.

She loves her dollhouse, and she enjoys playing with it every day! She also loves to get her Little People and make a town with her dollhouse, farm, bus, airplane, and car. We have had a lot of fun pretending!

Plus, Jamie and I had a lot of fun painting her house. Lily even helped us paint the first coat. She loves saying that she painted her house, too!


Kevin and Kimberly said...

I love this post! It is so sweet to see Lily make your old dollhouse her own! I love that she picked out her own colors....they are perfect! I also didn't know Pottery Barn had dollhouse items. I will check it out! Hannah isn't into dollhouses yet, but I can't wait until she starts to play with them. It is something I look forward to doing with her. Enjoy!

jocelyn031708 said...

What a great dollhouse. I unfortunately don't have any of my toys to pass on to Jocelyn. I sooo wish I did. I also love the colors she picked out.