Monday, July 20, 2009

Adoption Group Gathering

We started the afternoon at a place called Wee Bounce. Lily had never done anything like this. She was very shy at first. Then, I got in with her, and we had a blast. Of course, we didn't realize we had to have socks. So, Jamie had to run home and grab a pair for himself. Once he got back, we both played with Lily and the other girls. They loved sliding with Jamie!
Here is a picture of Kenli (in pink) and Keaira after sliding with Jamie. Lily had already jumped up and gotten to me before I could snap the picture.
Here she is sliding by herself on the big slide.
She loved crawling through the obstacle course.
This is Kenli with her Mama, Amy. She organized our event, and she planned some cute crafts for the girls to do, too.
Do you see how much fun Baba had while he was playing?
After every slide, Lily had a huge grin on her face.
"One more time, please!" said the girls.
This is the shot I tried to take of everyone sliding together. Of course, Lily ended up coming down first with the others close behind.
Afterward, we all went to eat at our local Chinese Restaurant where the ladies know Kenli and Lily by name. The girls pictured are: Amy, Lily, Kenli, Ellie Lu, and Keaira.
We had so much fun! Lily has had a huge weekend. She slept so well on Saturday night. Then, on Sunday, she was moved into her new Sunday School class of 2 year olds. She cried and screamed for 40 minutes. Normally, we would have gone in and gotten her, but we were just across the hall. We checked on her over and over again. Then, after that horrible beginning- she was great. When we went to pick her up, we found her playing in the floor with a sweet, quiet little boy. She was in no hurry to leave so we sat and played with her a few minutes. Her little eyes were swollen. Then, we asked her if she was ready to leave. She said, "Yessss." When we went outside, we asked if she had a good time at Sunday School. She said yes, and then told us all about what she did- washing potatoes that were dirty, playing "ashes", and she told her her whole Bible story (which we only understood bits and pieces of). When she tells big stories now, she talks quickly and changes her voice like she is really telling a big tale. It is really sweet. Hopefully, this change won't be so bad for her. We wouldn't have pushed it except she really needed to move out of our toddler class. We had prayed and prayed about the move, and God just took over the whole situation as soon as we walked through the doors Sunday morning. So, we knew it was what had to be done.
Anyway, now she has a delightful cough and some sneezing after her weekend of being around tons of kids. We have a big weekend planned for this weekend, so we are really praying that she will get well quickly. Please say a prayer for her- we are supposed to visit our wonderful travelmates and friends- Beth, David, Liana, and Marah and Jamie's brother, Gene, and his wife, Holly. We have been looking forward to our last little vacation before school starts back. Thanks for your prayers!!

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